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ARK MANAGEMENT CONCEPT – a company from Galati specialized in industrial power-float concrete finishing floors (video) such as: mono-layer and multi-layer, with/without reinforcements, with/without additional quartz layer concrete floors, epoxy or polyurethane resins floors, power float blanket finishing floors, natural stone or marble carpets. Our team is formed from workers that worked in Europe. We are equipped with all the necessary tools for these kind of works: laser levelers, simple or double concrete finishing machines (helicopters), concrete polishing machines, concrete cutting machines, Machines for milling/ sanding and preparing concrete supports for the application of epoxy systems, generators and halogen lights for night works etc. We can work in any kind of building site and we can displace anywhere. Being Sika applicators we can execute epoxy self-leveling floors and Sika hydro-isolations. We are also specialized for casting concrete runway airports and aerodromes.

Ark Managemeng Concept is also distributor quartos sand for water filtration in wastewater treatment / swimming etc.

Ark Management Concept Presentation [file.pdf]