About floors

The power float finishing floor is very fit for industrial halls, parking areas for supermarkets and shopping malls, silos, gas stations, car wash facilities, warehouses floor execution and also for surfaces that must be covered in a very hard concrete layer resistant to physical, chemical, climacteric factors. Power float concrete finishing is a based on high endurance granolithic cement composed from special additives and pigments (silicates) industrial floor which is applied on the fresh concrete forming a wear factors resistant monolithic layer.

EPOXY RESIN INDUSTRIAL FLOORS is executed on surfaces that require a mechanical, chemical, durability, hygienic, waterproof endurance and all at a certain aesthetical level. Therefore, the epoxy resin industrial floors can be used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, hypermarkets, hospitals etc.

Epoxy resin floors practical applications:
- commercial centers, beauty salons, hypermarkets, parking areas, access ramps, auto-repair facilities, carwash facilities etc.
- chemical industry, hospitals, medical cabinets, pharmacies, factories etc.
- food industry: bakeries, slaughterhouses, frigorific chambers, lactate factories, food stores, pastry shops, etc.

- high mechanical endurance, waterproof, chemical endurance
- non-slip, hygienic, durable
- aesthetic

So, the result is a floor that doesn’t generate dust and is water, oils and/or grease resistant.

The most used methods and materials for the additional wear layer are:
- wear layer hardened with quartz (silica based granolithic concrete) by power float concrete finishing
- wear layer without quartz by power float concrete finishing
- epoxy or polyurethane resin cover